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Garage Door Sales & Installation

Is your old garage door not functioning properly anymore or outdated for your home? Now is a great time to purchase a new garage door for your home. Whether you are looking for a sturdy insulated door to keep out the summer heat or a door to add more curb appeal to your home Palm Valley Garage Doors has multiple garage door options for you. Palm Valley Garage Doors carries a variety of garage doors to meet your needs and our 6-time Ranking Arizona Award winning technicians are on hand to make sure your new door is installed properly.

How To Choose The Best Garage Door

When choosing a garage door, you want one that is sturdy, dent resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. When choosing a new garage door, you must consider the cost, durability and look of the construction material. Start by considering what type of door would complement the design of your home. The majority of homes feature garage doors with linked horizontal sections that open and close by rolling along two tracks. Some homeowners opt for the swing-style carriage doors. Along with the different opening styles, garage doors come in different materials and feature many aesthetic improvements such as ornamental trim, windows and decorative accents.

Ensure that the garage door you choose coordinates with your home. If you like a garage door with windows, make sure the style matches your home. Also consider insulated glass if you heat your garage or are looking to save on energy costs.

Types Of Garage Doors

Steel door

Garage doors come in many styles. Traditional steel garage doors are sturdy, secure and require little maintenance. Many doors are made from a double layer of galvanized steel. Quality steel garage doors come with extended warranties of ten years or more.

Wood door

Wooden garage doors provide a friendly and warm appearance to your home. Composite-wood doors are moderate in price and are typically painted. Wood doors are durable, insulating and weather-resistant but must be re-stained or re-painted regularly to prevent issues such as rot and warping. Wood garage doors often come with warranties of 5 years.

Glass and aluminum

Glass and aluminum garage doors feature between 8 and 16 frosted glass or fiberglass panels supported on an aluminum frame. These styles of doors have a contemporary aesthetic and allow light to enter your garage without giving people the ability to see in. Aluminum garage doors are moderate in price, extremely durable and can be painted any color to match your home. Glass and aluminum garage doors often come with warranties of 5 years.

Installation Services

Palm Valley Garage Door technicians are expertly trained to install all styles of garage doors. We work with all of the leading brands of garage doors including First United and Clopay providing you with a variety of options to fit your garage door needs. We ensure that all parts of your garage door from the door itself down to the smallest of screws are the best in quality. Whether you decide to purchase a garage door from us or somewhere else, Palm Valley Garage Door technicians are here to provide you with fast and safe installation services.

We go the extra mile to serve you. Unlike other companies, we do not practice shady bait and switch practices. Instead, we believe in an old-fashioned style of service. We treat your right and at a fair price. It may be going out of style to be so straight forward, but it is key to our success. Thank you for considering us to fix your garage door. Our service is so good, you’ll tell your friends about us. Contact Palm Valley Garage Doors today for your free estimate by filling out the form or by giving us a call at 623-628-6404.

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